From air motors to vacuum generators, Gast Manufacturing, Inc. supplies a full range of standard and custom pneumatic products on which leading equipment manufacturers rely.

Gast is a worldwide provider with logistics manufacturing offices found locally to help our international clients. They are focused on complying with worldwide manufacturing principles in the zones of wellbeing, security, and ecological and consumer assurance.

Since 1921, Gast Manufacturing, Inc. has been an innovator in the design and manufacturing of air-moving items. They represent considerable authority in providing effective solutions for a broad range of ventures including mechanical manufacturing, social insurance, and environmental efforts.

Gast has broad information about the pneumatic business and their clients need in order to improve operations and produce innovative products in the market. With the knowledge and experience of Gast specialists and creators, the organization is ready to help distinguish and execute ideal items for every one of their clients’ particular applications.

Their product line is known to many as effective in many types of applications due to their durability and quality. Their products are additionally intended for simplicity of functionality and many are furnished with double voltage motors – making them the most flexible items in the pneumatic business.

Gast and its worldwide distribution give the help and administration their clients can depend on. With their complete product offering, OEMs can limit their item advancement timetable and speculation, so they can get the chance to advertise quicker than their rivals.

In 1998, Gast was obtained by IDEX Corporation and is a piece of the IDEX Health Science Technologies area. IDEX, an abbreviation for Innovation, Diversity, and Excellence, makes exclusive pump items, apportioning gear and other designing items for an assortment of worldwide markets.

In 2006, Gast gained JUN-AIR, the main supplier of calm blowers for an assortment of utilizations. Thus, our clients would now be able to exploit the wide item arrangement of the two organizations to fathom their application necessities from the part level through total blower arrangements.

Product Portfolio

Gast’s assortment of pneumatic items incorporate gear motors, air motors, blowers, vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers and vacuum generators – all custom-made to meet the many testing utilizations of OEMs and end clients around the world.

From air motors to vacuum generators, Gast supplies the pneumatic items that driving OEMs rely upon.

Gast offers a total line of air-moving items in a wide scope of sorts and sizes for weight and vacuum age.

Popular in the industry for their rough development and unwavering quality, Gast Air Motors and air-fueled Gear Motors are accessible in greased up or non-greased up models.

Tank frameworks intended to make little pumps do challenging tasks are a characteristic expansion of the Gast line. They offer an assortment of alternatives and new parts.


Material Handling

Gast has exhibited many years of effective pneumatic arrangement combinations supporting an immense scope of material-dealing with applications, filling in as the main impetus for passing on, filling, and raising applications. Regardless of whether the necessity is for accuracy creeping and ordering, control withdrawal, or burden lifting, Gast has the item answer for suit your material-taking care of requirements.

Printing and Packaging

Intended for nonstop task in high-volume dreary applications, Gast items are a staple for the printing and bundling industry. With Gast’s item adaptability, long life, and low support, you can essentially fit it and overlook it.

Medical and Laboratory

Ever aware of the necessities of the patient, Gast offers demonstrated dependable, peaceful, great items for the most requesting restorative, dental, and lab applications. The trustworthy, enduring and low-upkeep includes that these items are known for settle on them the characteristic decision for framework combination.


Giving rough item plan and solid execution on interest, Gast pneumatic arrangements drive the air-source prerequisites for some transportation applications. At the point when superior and effectiveness or low-profile and support are wanted, Gast has the innovation to address the need.

General Industrial

As the most perceived name in air-moving items, Gast gives quality answers for a wide assortment of utilizations in business and industry. Our client base is based on OEMs getting definitely the correct item for their application.

Food and Beverage

With many years of involvement in sustenance and refreshment preparing, Gast items convey dependable quality in the hardest conditions. Our answers give genuine feelings of serenity when execution and constancy are at the front line of your business needs.


Gast gives brilliant air-moving arrangements that assistance safeguard and ensure our condition, including blowers that meet an assortment of uses in the natural and security markets. Their deals and showcasing specialists work intimately with their accomplished architects to create answers for all any natural applications.


Vacuum Generator Technology

Gast vacuum generators have a protected plan that joins a progression of venturi nozzles and no moving parts. At the point when compacted air is constrained through these spouts, its speed increments and a diminishing in weight happens. Every spout has a continuously bigger opening chosen to extricate the greatest measure of vitality from the compacted air while advancing the dimensions of vacuum produced.

Air Motor Technology

Gast turning vane air motors utilize compacted air to create rotational movement of a pole. Revolving vane air motors have hub vanes fitted into an opened rotor, which mounts unpredictable with the drag of the motor’s lodging. The vanes stretch out to seal against the lodging bore utilizing springs, cam activity, or air weight, contingent upon the motor plan. Torque creates from the weight of the packed air following up on one side of the vanes making the rotor turn.

GAST Liquid Pumps

Liquid pumps are applied in a wide assortment of utilizations, from moving and pressurizing water, synthetics, water powered liquids and then some. The business sectors are similarly as shifted… like procedure, vitality, nourishment/drink and water driven power. Fluid pumps extend from outward, cylinder and peristaltic to rigging and the sky is the limit from there. They are normally determined by electric motors. Most motors related with fluid pumps are single speed, 2 or 4 shaft AC or at times DC. Both brush and brushless are utilized. Some brushless DC motors accompany controls for changing velocity and some AC motors can be paired with variable recurrence drives, yet this dimension of control can come at a critical premium.

How do GAST Rotary Vane Air Motors Operate? Rotational vane air motors work with compacted air and don’t need electrical control. Growing air behind the vanes produce revolution, giving strength and torque.

What are the advantages of utilizing GAST Air Motors to drive your liquid pump? Power and speed fluctuates with basic pneumatic controls to change air stream and weight.

  • They can be effectively turned around.
  • They give delicate starts and stops.
  • They can be slowed down and won’t wear out.

Air motors can work in testing situations. In numerous occasions, fluid pumps need to work in situations that are grimy, dusty, hot and even conceivably dangerous.

  • Positive weight in the air motor keeps soil and poisons out that can harm electric motors.
  • Air motors run cool as the potential vitality of the compacted air is depleted.
  • Because air motors are non-electrical gadgets, the probability of combustible gas start is enormously decreased.
  • Most GAST Air Motor models are agreeable with EC mandate 94/9EC – ATEX 100a for use in Zones 1 and 2.

GAST Air Motors give adaptable mounting alternatives.

  • Standard NEMA 56C and 145TC spine mounting alongside different foot and center point choices offer outrageous adaptability.
  • GAST Air Motors can be worked in any position and give solid execution.
  • GAST Air Motors keep running in territories and applications where power isn’t accessible or reasonable.
  • GAST Air Motors are conservative and convenient giving more noteworthy power contrasted with electric motors of comparable size and measurements.

A standard guideline with air motors is to have 60% of accessible air weight give constant activity, so the staying 40% is accessible for start.

With these advantages, it’s guaranteed you can always rely on Gast.


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